The Loving Kitchen (2)

Signed Copies of The Loving Kitchen and A Giveaway!

I am so excited to partner with my local independently-owned book store, Park Road Books, so I can offer personalized signed copies of The Loving Kitchen!

To place your order, please send an email to and note how you would like the book(s) inscribed. I’ll stop by and sign books as they receive the orders.

book giveawayI love to support local businesses – especially book stores. I love the way an old bookstore smells. I love the true knowledge and love of books the staff has. I love that they always seem to have a store pet. And I love the way the floors creak.

In an effort to support my love of these wonderful gems, I am giving away signed copies of three of my favorite Southern cookbooks. To enter to win, pre-order a copy of The Loving Kitchen through Park Road Books (email (Let them know if you would like me to sign it, but it is not necessary to have it signed in order to enter the giveaway.) All receipts will be placed in a basket and I will draw one name out as the winner on June 2nd.

I love these books almost as much as I love the authors.

Stacey LittleChristy Jordan, and Tammy Algood are three of the sweetest most gracious people I’ve ever met. And man can they cook! I drool even at the thought of the honest home-cooked Southern goodness that comes out of their kitchens. I pray the books bless you as much as the authors bless me :)

Good luck! And thank you for supporting my local bookstore!

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Bunny Bait!

bunny bait

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